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Our Mission

Our mission at Water into Wine is to provide a warm, cozy, social lounge and eatery which promotes relationships, connection opportunities for business and local patronage.


We all have a story. Please come share yours!

Water Into Wine is a place that…

  • Encourages everyone to meet, relax, build friendships and exchange life stories
  • You meet your date for a “before” dinner drink
  • Provides a unique happy hour and acoustic jazz band on weekends
  • Offers private lounge seating for your social or business group discussions
  • Your girlfriends gather to have a bridal shower or to toast a life event
  • Provides beautiful, healthy foods to pair with amazing wines
  • You want to stop on your way home from dinner to enjoy one of our beautiful artisan desserts and after dinner drink

Meet Our Friendly Staff


Guillemette "Gui" Bassy

Guillemette "Gui" Bassy

Guillemette "Gui" Bassy


Favorite Dish: I absolutely love our new pasta dish, the white wine caper linguini. It is perfect because you can get it either as a vegetarian option or you can add chicken or salmon to it. So whatever you are in the mood for, the plate will adapt. It is also perfect to pair with both our white or red spring wines.

Favorite Drink: I love The General. First off, I am definitely a bourbon girl. So when you mix bourbon, brandy, Luxardo cherries (also one of my favorites) and then smoke all the ingredients together it becomes the perfect drink.

What do you love about W2W: I love the quaint atmosphere. I will always remember the first time I walked in the bar and looked at the wood on the walls and the bar taking the central position, I fell in love with it. But the thing that makes it wonderful, are the patrons, and this "family" feel that you get when you talk to people here. My family being in France, I still feel like if I need anything, I know plenty of people to help me out. Some of our patrons became amazing friends. One of them even ended up officiant at my wedding!


Kevin Thompson

Guillemette "Gui" Bassy

Guillemette "Gui" Bassy

Bar Manager & Mixologist

Favorite Dish: The meatloaf, the mushrooms and blue cheese add complexity to a normally boring dish.

Favorite Drink: All of my drinks.

What do you love about W2W: The fact that the community has accepted me into their family.


Fraser Boyle

Guillemette "Gui" Bassy

Fraser Boyle


James Scott

Daniel Stringer

Fraser Boyle


Daniel Stringer

Daniel Stringer

Daniel Stringer


Joe Pereyo

Daniel Stringer

Daniel Stringer

How to Make The Peppercorn - Mixologist in Farragut, TN

Our Owner

Candace Viox

I am the sole owner of Water Into Wine in Knoxville, a single woman in her 40's, and the mother of 4 children. (All who work in the restaurant part-time) I was adopted at birth, only child, and I grew up in Orange County, California, My parents moved to Tennessee over 20 years ago and I came along too. I now live in Farragut, TN, minutes from the restaurant. After the unexpected death of my mother, I followed my dream to build a place where everyone was loved and welcomed and could share their story. The local "Farragut Cheers" some say. And so, the next chapter of my life begins with God getting all the glory for getting me here with my restaurant in Farragut, TN.

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