Farragut Curbside Bingo Rules


Grand Prize Winner receives over $350.00 value combined in gift cards, prizes, and swag from all the restaurants. Read More Below. Follow Water into Wine on Facebook to Learn About each of the Prizes.

How do I play?

Order Curbside To Go Food from any of the 5 participating restaurants here in Farragut. Minimum purchase $10 during the qualifying contest window dates. One square marked daily per restaurant.

What do I have to order?

Participants must purchase a $10 minimum curbside order. One square per curbside order. One square per day.

What has to be turned in with my Bingo Card?

A date-stamped receipt (or copy), during the qualifying time period, must be attached to the Bingo Card to be considered for the giveaway grand prize drawing.

How do I turn in my Bingo Card?

Participants will "drop off" their winning Bingo Cards (with their attached receipts or copied receipts) to Water into Wine's Farragut Curbside Bingo Box.

How many Bingo Cards can we enter in the Grand Prize drawing?

Multiple “FARRAGUT CURBSIDE BINGO” cards (with different receipt orders for varying visits) may be submitted to increase your family’s opportunity to win. 

When is the Grand Prize drawing?

There is only one winner, announced MAY 2nd LIVE, on our Water into Wine Facebook page. Like and Follow for our page and join us LIVE on May 2, 2020!

Where do I get a Bingo Card?

Get your Farragut Curbside Bingo board at any of the participating restaurants - Abuelo's, Cutting Edge Classroom, Big Kahuna Wings, Jet's Pizza, or Water into Wine. You can click here to download below and print at home to play as well.

Participating Farragut Restaurants

Eat, Play & Win!

Big Kahuna Wings in Farragut, TN. Best Wings in Knoxville.
Abuelo's Mexican Restaurant in Farragut, TN. Best Mexican Food in Knoxville, TN.
Jet's Pizza in Farragut, TN. Specialty Pizzas in Knoxville, TN
Cutting Edge Classroom Cooking School in Knoxville, TN.
Water into Wine in Farragut, TN.

Download Your Bingo Card Now

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